[Old] The Official TXW1 Forum Rules - The 17 Golden Rules

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[Old] The Official TXW1 Forum Rules - The 17 Golden Rules

Post by TheXWalkthrough1 on July 30th 2012, 1:51 am

The Official TXW1 Forum Rules
The latest Rules Updated - November 17, 2012

The Introduction (The Basic Member Guidelines)
Hello to all new registered/newbie users of the forums!

We like to welcome you to TheXWalkthrough1 Forums! A small community forumbase (maybe someday a standard community) that is where you can discuss, chat, post/reply, and tell your Walkthroughs, Let's Plays, or Playthroughs to other members right here! Every forum has Official Forum Rules thread. Which in-case this thread is the Official Forum Rules thread. We call the Official Forum Rules, the Golden Rules because every rule is Golden, and they every rule is VERY IMPORTANT. In total, there are 17 Golden Rules. Please take the time to read all 17 Golden Rules in this thread.

Please also check out "Very Important Threads or Section Boards!" in the 2nd post below! Thanks!

Notice - If a member denies (or doesn't ever want to choose) to read all of the 17 Golden Rules may result a Instant ban directly by the Admins. There is no expectations! Everyone has to read all of the Golden Rules.

Notice 2 - If a member broke ONE of the 17 Golden Rules (The Official TXW1 Forum Rules). The TXW1 Staff (Admins, Mods, Elite Mods) will directly add a certain number of Infraction Points into your profile depending which Golden Rule you broke.

- Including to this information, the TXW1 Staff will directly PM an Infraction reminder to see which Golden Rule you've broke and the amount of Infraction Points.

- For members. By looking at your profile, It said "Infraction Points" in first column but it has a Bar (0/100). Please check the "The Infraction Point System Guidelines" Thread for more details about the Infraction system works in the forums. Thanks.

Anywho. Here are the 17 Golden Rules (The TXW1 Forum Rules)!
A little reminder, Take the time to read all of the 17 Golden Rules of Wisdom!!!

The TXW1 Forums - The 17 Golden Rules
By Toadette

Golden Rule #1 - Respect to each of every member

A very important but a simple first Golden Rule. Everyone in this forum is equal and every member in this forum is fine and good member. Keep in mind, every member should treat the other members some respect and care. More Importantly, No one should be aggressive, and don't even try to hurt someone's feelings. If that happens to you. My suggestion is try to ignore the best you can or just leave for a while. This is a friendly community forum site and the TXW1 staff will NOT tolerate this non-sense behavior.

Golden Rule #2 - Please follow the Forum Specific Board Rules

This includes ALL the Forum Sections that has a sticky, and announcement threads. Read them first before you post. Otherwise the chances are, you will receive certain amount of infraction points.

Golden Rule #3 - No Swearing / No Inappropriate Language / Don't bypass the Censor System (Forum boards only)

We understand that some people want to swear/cuss. Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen in here. This is an ALL AGES forum, people. If you want to swear, please use asterisks ONLY. However, the Forums has a Censor system so we hide the swear words to asterisks. A little note, make sure you don't bypass the Censor system.

A very important Notice - The Chatbox doesn't have the censor system feature. I highly suggest to you is...... Please check the The Chatbox Rules/Guildlines Thread for the additional information regarding to this rule. kthxbai.

Notice - Minor swear words in the following list are acceptable in the forums, but try to avoid using it toward to the other members. Thanks.

Acceptable (Minor) Swear Words.

Golden Rule #4 - Have a decent Grammar and don't be an idiot.

We should have no problems with your grammar. As long as you are trying to make sense. We are fine by that. Just make sure you don't be an idiot, and use your common sense. Protip. A Stupid Grammar makes you as a stupid member. A Stupid member makes you as a idiot member. Please don't fall for it. kthxbai

Golden Rule #5 - No Spamming

SPAM is pretty common around like every other forums. The X's Forums will not tolerate with very horrendous spam in the forum sections, the chatbox, or anywhere else. Were are just only gonna ask you a one simple request. Please, don't be a spammer. Seriously. If you don't know what SPAM means, look below.
SPAM = Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.

You will trigger a alert "Spam" by these qualifications.

1. Excessive Words, Numbers, Punctuation Marks, etc.
2. Excessive Similes/Emoticons
3. Excessive CAP LOCKS
4. Double/Triple Posting at Once
5. Off-topic -- (It when a member say/reply something random which it doesn't relates to the topic is asking.)
6. Duplicated Threads -- (Thread + Same/Similar Thread Title = Duplicated Thread also equals Spam)

Golden Rule #6 - No Offending / Debating against any Religion, or any Race, or anyone's Country

The community doesn't need any Religion debate discussions, or arguing against Races (like Black and White people), or fighting against a country to country. This forum is a friendly community forum, and every member should be treated equally, and be respectful to each other! We don't need to discuss it like further on. Why? It will make the discussion more uncivil (wars), or hectic. Likewise, just move on into different topic. kthxbai.

Golden Rule #7 - No Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate content are like porn, sexual, and also what Golden Rule #6 said, is NOT allowed in the forums. We just don't want to see it! That's final. Also, referring to Golden Rule #3, this forum is ALL AGES.

Notice - The members should not have any inappropriate image towards your Avatars and your Signatures. If you do so, then the admins will remove it ASAP and you'll also receive 10 Infraction points into your profile. There is no exceptions.

Golden Rule #8 - No Trolling

Troller Example wrote:I got a plan everyone! Let's troll the forum and make it even better! What a stupid forum!
Yea, somewhat like that or anything else. Anything that is hacking the forums mainframe, or excessively posting random threads, or excessively breaking the Golden Rules (the forum rules) is considered trolling. The forums knows how trolling feels to the community itself and we are not gonna fall for it again. Well, do you wanna dare for it? Well, Instant ban for you to say. kthxbai.

Golden Rule #9 - Double Accounting

-- Unless you have a good reason (forgetting your password, etc.). Then were okay with that, but we have to ban your first account to avoid that rule to be broked. In the other hand, your 2nd Account will be deleted AND you'll receive 30 Infraction Points.

-- Why? The Admins (and the Mods too) can track IP's, so we will know if you are using another account. --

-- Double accounts is unacceptable. Especially for the user's original account was Temp. Banned/Suspended or Instant banned. Please don't bypass the ban by creating another account. This may result an have IP Banned or Instant ban. OR. If you want to change your username, please go to the Name Changing Thread (it's in the Suggestions, Help and Feedback section) and post there. Otherwise stick to your original account. Please.

Golden Rule #10 - No illegal Material

The forums doesn't want to see any thread or reply involves illegal Materials (mostly from a link, and download). Examples of illegal Material are downloadable illegal music, free but required paid programs, bootleg, nulled, and downloads that have viruses, or involves hacking.

Note. You may discuss Emulators, Roms or Rom Hacks and these type of discussions are sometimes acceptable, for the time being. However, please don't post any Rom/Rom Hack download links.

Golden Rule #11 - No Advertising (Youtube is excluded)

The forums doesn't allow any members to advertise any other forum, site, or anything that is involves joining/registering from a link. However, Youtube is fine and they are excluded in this rule. Again, we don't want to see a member post like this quote below.
Advertising Example wrote:HEY GAIZ! JOIN OUR FORUMS! -insert forum link-
Please, don't be advertiser. It hurts, really.

Golden Rule #12 - Some Text Colors are prohibited to be used in the forums threads, thread titles, and the chatbox.

The following Text Colors are prohibited or we don't want to see in the chatbox or any forum thread and forum thread titles.

Dark Blue - WTH?
Dark Red - Argh.... No
Indigo - Still can't see.
Brown - Wowzers. No.

Reason? It's quite hard to see. It can also effect to their health (eyes), and No we are not gonna highlight your bloody text color because it's all your fault.

Golden Rule #13 - Don't argue over the TXW1's Staff

The staff is mostly right. Unless, if you want bash/argue against the staff for no reason. Then wth are you doing? If you have anything serious concerns or arguments regarding to TXW1 staff. Just PM to the Head Admins, Toadette or TheXWalkthrough1. We'll handle this situation. Please, just calm down and relax yourself. kthxbai.

Please also read this thread that regards to this rule.

Golden Rule #14 - Do NOT ask us to become a Mod or Admin

Ask this question to any admin and we'll just simply gonna answer No. I feel your basically trying too hard to yourself or bugging us to make you a staff. However, that's not gonna work out that way.

Golden Rule #15 - Mini-Modding

If you see a member post that break a Golden Rule. Please use the REPORT button OR PM to one of the TXW1 Staff Members (the Admins, Asst. Admins, Elite Mods, or Moderators). The members are not the Mods or the Staff (TXW1 Staff) in the forum. More importantly, a member should NOT post directly to a member that had brake a Golden Rule.
That quote is a perfect example of Mini-Modding because your basically taking the TXW1 Staff's job. Again, just PM to a staff member or use Report system. Let the TXW1 staff do it for you, NOT YOU!

Golden Rule #16 - Bumping (Excluding the Staff)

To all the members of the community. Bumping any old threads that hasn't replied like
OVER 2 MONTHS is unacceptable.

Like for instance. If a member reply a thread that hasn't replied since August 1, 2012. Then the member replyed a thread in October 1, 2012 is considering bumping a thread. Some users doesn't like it and even I don't like some members are bumping old threads that hasn't replied over 2 Months. However, there is one solution to solve this bumping issue.

The only Solution? - The TXW1 Staff has the rights to bump threads that hasn't replied over 2 Months. If you want a thread to be bumped, then feel free to drop by a PM to any TXW1 Staff member (The Admins, Elite Mods or Moderators)! They'll reply and bump a 2 month thread you requested for.

Golden Rule #17 - Do not share any of your personal information, or your account, or EVEN your password to any member. ESPECIALLY TO THE BANNED USERS!

For this last and very important Golden Rule. We don't see any member telling or PM to another member, their personal information, or your account, or EVEN your password. The reason? Look at Golden Rule #8, and Golden Rule #9. It also involves hacking the forums, and some other situations. There is no if, ands, or buts. You shouldn't be stupid enough to share your password, your account, or your personal information like ANYWHERE else.

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Re: [Old] The Official TXW1 Forum Rules - The 17 Golden Rules

Post by Toadette on July 30th 2012, 11:27 pm

Very Important Threads or Section Boards!
I encourage you to read all of them. Thanks!

--- Important Section Boards ---
Click here to see the News and Announcements section!
Click here to see the Suggestion, Help, and Feedback section!

--- Important Thread A. ---
Click here to read - The Current TXW1 Forum Staff List Thread.

--- Important Thread B. ---
Click here to read - The Official TXW1 Chatbox Guildlines/Rules Thread.

--- Important Thread C. ---
Click here to read - Arguing With Staff Members Thread.

--- Important Thread D. ---
Click here to read - Minor Forum Updates Thread

--- Important Thread E. ---
Click here to read - The Report System Guidelines Thread.

--- Important Thread F. ---
Click here to read - The Ranking System Thread.

--- Important Thread G. ---
Click here to read - The Infraction Point System Guidelines Thread.

--- Important Thread H. ---
Click here to read - Hello to all you guys out there! - The Fabulous Search Engine Thread.

If you have any questions regarding to the rules. PM to TXW1's Administrators, Toadette or TheXWalkthrough1, or any other staff member (Asst. Admins, Elite Mods, and Moderators) to give possible answer!



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