The Report System Guidelines

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The Report System Guidelines

Post by Toadette on August 4th 2012, 12:15 pm

Somehow seeing the reports only works for Admins only. That's strange, it suppose to work to Mods and Admins. I'll better fix that later.
But anyways this thread I'll want to pick it up to which is about Reporting Guildlines.

Update for seeing the reports. The Staff (Moderators and Admins) can allow finally see the Report List by clicking "Report List" in top of the forum menu. You shall all thank me for this. -Toadette

About the Report System Guildlines
The Reporting System is when a member of the forums want to report a post that is involved by breaking the Forum Rules.
Once you Report it. Then the Admins would notify that user an PM to warn him not to break the forum rule. Being so helpful to forum, the admins will give you a +1 Rep.

NOTICE: But here is the catch. If you False Report, then we will give only just a warning. But, doing this again (False Reporting x2) will have an 1 Week Temp Forum Ban. So don't be an abuse False Reporter. kthxbai

How to Report?

Step 1: Select a topic that is against the Rules
Step 2: Select a Post and then click the .
If you don't know, look at spoiler tag below.

By image above, click the middle one in top right to report that post.
Step 3: Now type your reason to report. Then lastly, click Sent and It's done! Simple as that!

Thank You for reading this thread. and Have a nice day!

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Re: The Report System Guidelines

Post by Guest on August 11th 2012, 4:49 am

May you tell me how to give infractions? Is there even an infraction system here, 'Dette?


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