Overrated and underrated Pokemon

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Overrated and underrated Pokemon Empty Overrated and underrated Pokemon

Post by UbersSuck20 on November 28th 2012, 2:19 pm

2. Genesect(it's too common in competitive battles and all teams carry something against it)
3. Politoed(rain is TOO COMMON, I love my Rotom-C with Sunny Day Smile )
4. Blaziken(Speed Boost? Just carry a ghost-type on your Uber team and he'll never sweep)
5. Lucario(it appeared in SSBB, lol what? And it's a bit outclassed as a SD/NP sweeper)
6. Espeon(meh Magic Bounce doesn't justify its bad defenses and Team Preview utterly destroys it)
As for underrated:
1. Cofagrigus(just realized it outclasses Dusknoir in every role)
2. Thundurus-T(hell it's so rarely seen, everyone is infatuated with Rotom-W...)
3. Gigalith(Never see it in NU, yet it's awesome with that physical attack.)
4. Tangrowth in OU(people think Celebi is better but it's the other way around, Celebi is dead if Scizor/Genesect is out, Tangrowth laughs at their U-turns and has Regenerator)

For you, what Pokemon deserve more love, and what Pokemon are overrated?
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Overrated and underrated Pokemon Empty Re: Overrated and underrated Pokemon

Post by HyperChaosLugia on December 1st 2012, 10:22 pm

Lets see....pokemon that deserve love to me are these babies and I seem to be the only one to use them a lot around these parts =o=...: Emolga(If used in double battle with Pachirsu+motor drive and both of them knowing Discharge= Instant death unless its a ground type but beware of Grass Knot....Pachirisu will have Volt absorb for that combo. But in Single: Emolga has like agility for Electro ball and Acrobatics with Flying gem to make a one-shot strong flying type attack) Pachirisu(Super fang....duh xD. Almost NO ONE uses this move and I find it somewhat smart if used with a move like Avalance or Brine.)

Overrated and underrated Pokemon Hyperl11

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(Thank you Esp for this awesome pic!~<3)
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