Welcome to the General Spam Section! [The Section Rules]

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Welcome to the General Spam Section! [The Section Rules]

Post by Toadette on December 16th 2012, 2:14 am

I feel so bored that I just want to spam something. Well, this is the section for you!~

Congratulations to the people who achieve the Gold Rank! Now you can able to see this cool section! Aside to that. Here are some minor rules to be followed in this section.

TXW1 Spam Section Rules and Guidelines

1. Obey the The Official TXW1 Forum Rules. The Rules are always applies to here!

Meaning your post should NOT have any inappropriate content, no advertising, or whatsoever that is against the Forum Rules.

2. More importantly, you may Spam as you like! Forum Rule #2 does not involved to this section!

That's why we have this section up! To help you boost some post counts.

2 Rules? Yep, pretty straight forward. That's pretty much it.
Thanks for reading and Have Fun spamming!~
- Pokey



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