It's (Almost) an Awesome Christmas!

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It's (Almost) an Awesome Christmas! Empty It's (Almost) an Awesome Christmas!

Post by Sakura Goddess on December 16th 2012, 2:39 am

RP section here is practically dead, wow. This girly is gonna somehow help the situation.

Many kids on Maple Street are excited for the holidays. They are all close friends, and planning on meeting each other on Christmas morning. If only a vortex didn't transport them away from their small neighborhood, keeping them will they reunite, and return home in time for Christmas?

*X's forums rules (duh).
*Type up to a minimum of three sentences per post and keep
OOC convo out as much as possible.
*Grammar and spelling help determine your chance of acceptance.
*Drama and romance are allowed, but don't let it stray the attention away from the main plot.
*Try to post actively. If you haven't been on in a week, then I will be contacting you.
*PM me your app. There is a reason why I put these two details.
*No secondary characters that suddenly appear unless they disappear before the end. 
*Include the word 'chocolate' and the name 'Adrian' or 'Adrianna' in your app.

Name: (full name, first, middle, and last)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (between 6 and 13)
Appearance: (at least four sentences)
Christmas Wish List: (at least three items)
Personality: (descriptive, at least two sentences)

Name: Adriana  Louise Jackson
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Appearance: Adriana wears a headband with a pink bow and a plastic chocolate bar sticking out of it. She wears an aquamarine shirt with a graphic saying, "I'm a Freakin' Taco!" She also has a pair of black denim jeans and black sneakers. Adriana usually wears light green eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner and a spiked bracelet.
Christmas Wish List: iPod Touch, laptop, $50 iTunes gift card, Pokemon Black and White 2, pink feathery shirt
Personality: Adriana is a little shy when pushed into something without knowing about the details first. She is usually out-going, smart, and loud.

Ta-dah! In my next post, I will put all those accepted and their forms.

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