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Dustin's Album reviews

Post by Dustin <3 Ami on December 21st 2012, 7:30 pm

(Well this is a smiple format but you can recommend me what I should review next.)

Today's album in review is Avenged Sevenfold Album Nightmare.

Well this ablum was their first album after The Rev was found dead in his hotel room. It was pupblished 2010 and was so far the most anticipated album.
Track Listing:
Welcome to the Family
Danger Line
Buried Alive
Natural Born Killer
So Far Away
God Hates Us
Tonight the World Dies
Save Me
Lost It All(Deluxe version)
Genra: Heavy Metal
Duration: 1:09:11(Normal) 1:10:11(Deluxe)

Spotlight songs:
1. Nightmare.
This song is to date the most aclaimed song from the album. Written by The Rev it was a very poplular song. This song expresses the prices of evil and that no evil person will get away without some kind of pay back. This song is considered one of A7X signature songs and after it's release it has been played in every concert they have givin after the Rev's passing.
2. Welcome to the Family.
Well this song is a perfect demostration of a creepy song. Very heavy and nice guitar solo. Honestly I think this song is for their new drummer. People may disagree but I think it is. This song is also preformed in most concerts
3. So Far Away.
This song is rather calm to most of the songs on this album but it's the most emotional for sure. This song was orginally written by Synyster Gates for his dead Grandpa but he then changed the lyrics around and wrote th song for the Rev instead. This song is about how a close family memember has past away and has gone on to the other side. This song is my favorite of the album and a lot of people can agree with me on this that this is one of the best A7X songs ever.

All in all I really enjoed listening to this album. I like how they used all the Rev's drum tracks to write these songs. I did not feel that any song was forced into the album in anyway. This song has a few pf my favorite A7X songs. These including Nightmare, Welcome to the Faimly, So far away and Danger Line. This is my favorite A7X album and I recommend it to anyone. If you are new or an old fan of Avenged Sevenfold I honestly think this is a must-buy for any Metal-head.

Grade: 9.7/10
I take suggestions for what album I should review next. I also do artist and singal songs

Thanks Shaymin <3
Dustin <3 Ami
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