The RULEZ of the Forum Games Lounge

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The RULEZ of the Forum Games Lounge

Post by Toadette on December 29th 2012, 8:09 pm

Welcome to the most popular section ever in the forums!

The Forum Games Lounge Section!~

Description: It's the place where everyone play any "forum games" for your entertainment! If any possible, your thread might be popluar then whole other forum sections! But more importantly, everyone will have a fun time playing your sweet forum game!~

However, every Forum Games has a rule to it. So, that's why I create this thread up. Despite this section is popular. But at this rate, there will be a few rules in Forum Games Lounge Section. Please take your time to read the rules in Forum Games Lounge. That's all.

+++ The RULEZ of the Forum Games Lounge Section +++

F.G. Rule 1. Always obey the TXW1 Forum Rules!

Please click here if you didn't read the rules. Thanks.

F.G. Rule 2. No similar Forum Game threads.

Like for example. Count to 10 before Alina Post!
If another user/member create a thread called "Count to 10 before the Staff Post!"
The thread will be LOCKED and moved to the archives.

F.G. Rule 3. Your post in Forum Games Lounge should not be more than 250 Post in one week!

We all know that some of the members love to post in Forum Games section. However, please don't make an habit to post beyond too much ONLY in Forum Games. There are other sections that you can post rather then the Forum Games, you know. If we caught you posting 250 Post in one week. Plus? 95-99.99% of your post is MOSTLY from the Forum Games. You'll receive 20 Infraction Points for excessive posting in Forum Games section only and SPAMMING. Seriously, it really butthurt and waked up the entire forum community for you basically post spamming for the ranks only.

Rules will be updated, if necessary.
But for now, Have Fun!~
- Pokey



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