Your favorite and least favorite legendary pokemon?

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Your favorite and least favorite legendary pokemon? Empty Your favorite and least favorite legendary pokemon?

Post by UbersSuck20 on April 19th 2013, 4:19 pm

My favorite legendary is Cresselia, followed by Heatran.

My least favorite...
You know who? Regigigigigigigigigigigigigigas.
Here's why:
- Pathetic name. Regigigas? Really, GameFreak?
- Obtaining it is hair-rippingly frustrating.
1) Boot up your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald game and catch the three Regis. These guys have a catch rate a 3 so it may take forever to get them.
2) Trade them to your Platinum. This means you need to have both a GBA and a Nintendo DS, or two DS'es if you're playing the gen 3 game on the DS.
3) Solve a stupid puzzle.
4) Rely on False Swipe to bring it down to 1 HP, since this guy is at level 1.
5) Throw Pokeballs all day long, since it has a catch rate of 3. It will probably take you a few tries.
6) You may as well just release it since you've spent so much time and money just to get a legendary for the pokedex.
BW2 doesn't save it. You need BOTH Black 2 and White 2 to get all three Regis, which means you once again need two DS'es. The only "good" part is the fact that it's no longer at level 1.
- Slow Start just fills Regigigigigigigigigigigas with more fail. It's a terrible ability. Regigigas can't even learn Protect to stall out the five turns.
- Very, very ugly. It has a lazy design and what the hell is it meant to be? It doesn't look like a legendary.

I'm also not a big fan of Kyurem and Genesect. What is Kyurem supposed to be? It looks deformed and his Black form is just... ugh, looks like a weird mix of 30 Pokemon.
As for Genesect, it looks like something that came from Transformers. And for those who play competitively, remember how Genesect dominated OU until it got the boot?

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Your favorite and least favorite legendary pokemon? Empty Re: Your favorite and least favorite legendary pokemon?

Post by Prince Van on April 28th 2013, 10:43 pm

My favorite legendary right now Suicune, mostly cause it's blue, I like it's design, and it's majestic.
My least favorite is Heatran, cause I don't like it's design much and I don't really use it. Although I do wonder if it is a good online battler.

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