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The Battle X Arena Rules Empty The Battle X Arena Rules

Post by TheXWalkthrough1 on August 17th 2014, 9:23 am

The Battle X Arena is a new stadium arena where members of the forum engage in a turn based battle format using random weapons. Each battler has a max HP of 250. When healing, their HP may not go over 250. They roll dice online to determine which weapon they use and how much damage their weapon does.

When you receive a weapon, you have to use it until the end of the battle. You're not allowed to change weapons in the middle of a battle.

Each member may challenge someone one or two places above them. If the defender wins, then no change in the rankings is made. If the challenger wins, then they switch places with the defender.
-> Example: Person A, who is ranked 5th challenges Person B, who is ranked 3rd. If Person A wins, then Person A will be 3rd and Person B will be 5th. If Person B wins, then both battlers keep their ranks.

The winner of the battle, whether they are the challenger or the defender, gets to give the loser a title. The title given will appear under the loser's username. If you don't like your title, then suck it. The only way to get rid of your title is by getting 1st place in the Battle Arena. If you get 1st place, you may change your title to anything you want.

If you want to challenge someone, then post a thread with the and make the title "Challenger's username (Rank number) VS Defender's username (Rank number)". To avoid confusion, follow this format. Don't switch the order around because it would look like the defender is challenging the challenger, which is just stupid.

After finishing a battle with someone, you may not fight them again until 48 hours has passed since your last battle with that person has ended. It doesn't matter if you win or lose or if that person has a different rank as before. You may not challenge the same person until 48 hours has passed.

Maximum time for a battle is one week. If a battle lasts for over a week, then whoever was more likely to win the battle will be declared the winner. Intentionally stalling a battle to keep your rank is not allowed. When you're already in a battle, no one can challenge you or the person you're facing. You're just going to waste everyone's time if you stall.

If a battle reaches 20 turns (10 turns from each battler), then Sudden Death mode becomes activated. An administrator will post in the thread, notifying both battlers of Sudden Death mode and both battler's weapons will have increased stats.

If you don't want to get your user title changed, or if you don't want to participate in "official" battles, then a friendly, unofficial battle can be arranged. Just pm me or Toadette if you want to have an unofficial battle with someone.

The staff will also keep an eye for people who are cheating, bashing/insulting/flaming another user, unnecessary spamming in the battles, etc. The Battle X Arena is supposed to be for you to have fun and play fairly against other opponents. If you're caught violating any rules, then you will be banned from posting in the Battle X Arena.

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