Hi my name is Crotch Guzzler.

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Hi my name is Crotch Guzzler. Empty Hi my name is Crotch Guzzler.

Post by Crotch Guzzler on July 16th 2017, 3:07 pm

I collect skulls. One day I decided to go to college. The Magic College. I followed people, I read books, and I sat around a lot. It was really dull and it made me angry - so I killed everyone!

Then I married Ysolda - she's a drug dealer. Now we live in this house with all of my skulls. We're gonna settle down and have kids. And I'm gonna make some pancakes with this new pancake recipe! I can't read it yet, but I'm gonna work that out.

Welcome to Skyrim for Pimps.

A very special kind of walkthrough.

Crotch Guzzler

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