Arguing With Staff Members

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Arguing With Staff Members

Post by Guest on August 11th 2012, 5:27 am

Arguing With Staff Members- Now this is serious, since a lot of members I guess, think we are being complete jerks for doing our jobs as staff members.

If you are going to argue with ANY staff member OR ANY member at all, I love handing out reports at the speed of light~♥

Logically, instead of yelling a barrage of insults at the person just because you are ticked for whatsoever reason, don't be immature about it. For the past minutes I have been browsing the forum, I've seen one of our administrators getting into a heated argument with another member, who was mad at the admin's decisions because he claimed he was " being treated wrongly." Listen, we ban, (either it be chat ban, forum ban, or perma-ban) members for reasons that mods or administrators decide on. We are not picking on people, we are just getting rid of members that cause too many problems. If somebody is banned and we tell you why they are banned, don't have a hissy fit about It. If we don't tell you, it's clearly none of your business, so don't ask.
If you are ticked at staff because of a decision, PM a moderator, most likely me and talk it out with me/them.
Don't insult people, don't go on a rampage, just PM some mod and talk it out. I hope everybody gets this because I'm gonna get ticked off at people who don't want to talk logically about things.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's only right that I let you guys know that this is a big no-no, and I, nor any of the other staff will be tolerating disrespect. You can criticize all you want, but if it gets to the point you are plain out insulting us, it may result in you being temporarily banned/permanently banned, depending on what level the offense is, which is rated 1-10.
I'm pretty sure you guys can figure the rest out. That is all.

With all due respect;


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