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SOTW #2 Empty SOTW #2

Post by Spacee on February 19th 2013, 8:05 pm

This part of the forum must be revived. basically you make a signature based on the theme. You have a week and at the end people will vote and the winner gets [TBD]
Your entry must not contain anything which would conflict with the sites Rules & Regulations.

You can edit your entry as much as you want before the Due Date.
No Pre-made signatures allowed.
If there is a tie, the voting will continue until a winner is determined.
If you enter the contest you MUST vote.

This Week's Theme : Fixed Render
Maximum Size : 500 x 500
Render SOTW #2 Satsuki1bymgmnzx
You have until Sunday of this week. Voting is on the next day.

SOTW #2 Sts___saeko_by_spaceyhead-d5uqtwb
SOTW #2 _pandanation_banner_by_spaceyhead-d5riyd5

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SOTW #2 GumiDa_zps145a36c0
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