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Post by Toadette on August 10th 2014, 6:09 pm

Welcome to X's Forums! This is the place where some idiots like X and myself Mark, who are the slutty administrators where we are willing to make this forum enjoyable for everyone! Well, you can talk about X's videos, but no one cares about his videos. However, if you care then you're a fanboy! Well, it's not a bad thing through but it's great to talk about X! These are the rules and guidelines that you need to follow in X's Forums. So you better follow those rules or you will face the consequences from the forum staff.

The rules will always be edited or updated without announcement so always re-check the rules asap!


1. DON'T BE STUPID AND USE YOUR COMMON SENSE! (aka. use your brain and don't be a dickhead)

2. DO NOT SPAM LIKE A RETARD! (Note: Consecutive/double posting is fine with a reason but please don't abuse it)

3. DO NOT FLAME NOR INSULT AT ANOTHER USER! (If you don't what flaming is, read the flaming definition below)
Flaming Defintion wrote:Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between a user or group of users with the intention of harassing another user. Any hatred/hurtful, insulting, offensive, racist, discriminatory or harassing comments based on race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, social status or gender will not be tolerated. Physical threats against and repeated harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. If another user is flaming or harassing you, you should not retaliate. Instead, report it to the X's Staff via Private Message/PM.

4. As far as we love trolls, you will definitely be banned no matter what.

5. DO NOT MAKE ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS! (aka. do not attempt to make your 2nd account)

6. DO NOT POST ILLEGAL MATERIALS! (ex: spyware, roms, emulators, links to download music, cracked games, mp3, etc.)

7. ABSOLUTELY NO INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT IN THIS FORUM! (ex: images, videos and/or depictions of grotesque violence and pornographic or otherwise sexually explicit content)
Note: We're NOT a 18 years old and over forum!

8. DO NOT ADVERTISE! (the only exceptions is you can advertise in your signatures)


10. KEEP THE CHATBOX FRIENDLY (as like the forum rules always applies to the chatbox)!

11. HAVE FUN (not really a rule but seriously, enjoy yourself)!

Punishment for breaking the rules?

The forum staff will use their moderation powers (delete, move, merge, lock, etc.) to those posts that is against the rules or anything reasonable for them to moderate. If you break a rule, the forum staff will PM to you as a Warning to not the break the rules again. If you have 3 warnings, it will result a 3 day forum ban.
Chatbox: 3 kicks = 1 hour chatbox ban (unless a joke kick/ban)

Note: Longer duration of forum bans and Permanent Bans will also be issued if the user becomes more a dickhead.

Last thing, don't be a dickhead which is a person who is a retard, constantly breaks the rules, and seeks for more attention to cause you more trouble.

Thank you for reading and now you can do your own thing.
~X, Mark, and the Staff Team.

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