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Post by Dustin <3 Ami on October 11th 2014, 12:04 pm

So I made a challenge. You basically play through the game, adhering to one trainer class that can be found in game. Sounds simple enough, eh?

Trainer Class Challenge

Ace Trainer (Difficulty: Easy)
1. High Level Pokémon
2. Balanced Teams
3. Use of healing items and held items allowed
Aroma Lady (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Use mostly Grass types ( Especially Roselia and its relatives)
2. Non-Grass Pokémon include Combee and Corsola
Artist (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Use Pokémon who can learn Copycat and Mimic
2. Pokémon related to arts (Smeargle and Kricketune)
Backpacker (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Use Pokémon advantageous for traveling (Flying types, Grass types, Water types, Fire types, and Rock types)
2. Only up to three Pokémon on your team
Black Belt/Battle Girl (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Fighting types only
2. No other restrictions
Bird Keeper (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Flying types only
2. No other restrictions
Bug Catcher (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Bug types only
2. No other restrictions
Breeder (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Full team
2. Lower levels
3. Can specialize in a type if you want
Burglar (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Specialize in Fire types
2. Also use Koffing
Camper/Picnickers (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Similar to Backpacker with Pokémon use
2. Are allowed to have full teams
3. Weaker Pokémon than Backpackers
Chef (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Uses Pokémon that are useful for cooking (Fire, Grass, and Water types)
2. No other restrictions
Doctor/ Nurse (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Support Oriented team
2. Heal often during battle
Dragon Tamer (Difficulty: Hard)
1. Dragon type Pokémon only
2. No other restrictions
Fairy Tale Girl (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Fairy types, Psychic types and Normal types
2. No other restrictions
Team *insert here* Grunt (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Only use Pokémon common to the team you pick
2. Can’t be higher level than gym leaders strongest Pokémon
Gym Leader/ Elite Four (Difficulty: Medium)
1. One type of Pokémon only
2. Rest is self-explanatory
Hex Maniac (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Psychic types and Ghost types
2. No other restrictions
3. Have to be creepy Very Happy
Hikers (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Rock types, Ground types , and Fighting types
Lass/ Youngster (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Beginner Pokémon
2. Same level as trainers in gym
Maid/ Butler (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Use Pokémon that can help you at your work (Psychic, Fighting , etc)
2. No other restrictions
Parasol Lady (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Primarily use Pokémon that benefit from Heavy Rain
2. No other restrictions
Pokémon Ranger (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Use nature orientated strategies
2. Commonly use berries
3. Strong Pokémon
Psychic (Difficulty: Medium)
1. Ghost types, Dark types, and Psychic types
2. No other restrictions

Pokemon Challenge 1GqPU
Pokemon Challenge Ferrosig_zps4f7ac3e0
Thanks Shaymin <3
Dustin <3 Ami
Dustin <3 Ami
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