The Current TXW1 Forum Staff List

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The Current TXW1 Forum Staff List

Post by Toadette on October 25th 2012, 3:07 am

If any member is wondering the TXW1 Staff. You came in the right place!
Go ahead and read the all the list of the mighty staff in X's Forums. Including myself. XD.

TXW1's Head Administrators
- TheXWalkthrough1 (The Founder)
- Pokey (also known as PokeZone/SSR)

TXW1's Assistant Administrators
- Okami Kelvina (also known as OkamiSaphira)
- Evolution Master

TXW1's Staff Moderators
- Davis (Former Asst. Admin)
- SpaceyHead (Former Asst. Admin)
- Kiririno (also known as ssshaymin)
- Purple (also known as sonriopoby123)
- Nova/Cupid ❤

Ex-Staff/Former TXW1 Staff
- joebob2311 (Former Staff Mod)
- Inadequate (Former Staff Mod)
- ShadowMr.L (Former Asst. Admin/Admin)
- Prince Van (Former Staff Mod)
- Tuxy (Former Staff Mod)
- Kamex (also known as GreatGabite - Former Asst. Admin/Admin and Staff Mod)
- DeMrTeunio/IceRunner (Former Staff Mod)

Staff Changes will be updated, if necessary.



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