TheXWalkthrough1 Official Global-Wide Forum Rules [Redux #2]

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TheXWalkthrough1 Official Global-Wide Forum Rules [Redux #2]

Post by Toadette on January 27th 2013, 3:17 am

The Previous crappy TheXWalkthrough1 Forum Rules threads (just for your convenience!~)

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Pokey/PokeZone here for the new set of Forum Rules, again for the third straight time (Redux #2). There are some updates from our old rules (Redux #1) to the new rules (Redux #2). If you read the old 10 Rules (Redux #1). Then you should have no problems reading the new fresh Rule set. Kinda same as the old 10 Rules, but...........

The Changes/Updates in here [Rudux #2], unlike the previous TXW1 Forum Rules [Redux #1]

  • The Bumping Rule is removed. The reason why we remove that rule is because people should bump to original threads. No matter what, if the thread hasn't replied more than 2+ Months. The members has the rights to reply any thread, including very old threads.

  • Here is a good sense of freedom: The members now has the rights to say any swear/cuss words at your own convince/time in the forums. So basically, the Inappropriate Language rule is removed. But, we are not removing all of the swear words in our beloved Censor System. In the chatbox, you can cuss/swear whatever you like!~

    **HOWEVER** You may not say/post any Inappropriate Material/Content (e.g. Porn/Pornography, sexually explicit material, or all types of nudity). Also, do not swear as an habit to flame/bash/insult/harass/troll/offend to another member. Please read Rule #2. No Flaming/Trolling Rule for more details.

  • Two rules will be combined into one Rule.

  • All of the rules are updated with better details, clarification, and understanding.

  • The Infraction System is updated and will be posted in this thread only.

  • Overall, the rule format is dramatically changed!

--- The Introduction (The Basic Member Guidelines) ---
Hello to all new members of the TXW1 forums! We welcome you to TheXWalkthrough1 Forums! A small community forum-base (Well maybe someday a standard community) that is where you can discuss, chat in the chatbox, post/reply, show us your Walkthroughs, Let's Plays, or Playthroughs to other members all to right here, etc.! The TXW1 Forum Staff is really appreciated for your time to read all of the rules. In here, it is the staff's mission to make sure that you, the member, have a friendly, pleasant place to post, chat, etc. To make sure the site is kept up to this standard, there are a set of rules that must be followed. Please take your time to read all of the rules so that you can be a good/fine normal member! If any member refuses or disobeys to read all of the Forum Rules will may result an Permanent Ban in a simple snap.

--- Helpful Threads/Links ---

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions regarding to the new Forum Rules [Redux #2], don't hesitate to contact (via. Private Message/PM) the Head Administrators of the TheXWalkthrough1 Forums. [TheXWalkthrough1, or myself Pokey]

The Official TheXWalkthrough1 Forum Rules [Redux #2]
by Pokey/PokeZone

Updated: 1/27/13 [Update in the Infraction System section]

Rule #1. No Spam [Excluding in the General Spam Section]
Punishment: Receives 5 Infraction Points

Do not post Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages [SPAM]. Especially, a post that is irrelevant/or posts that has no relevance to the discussion of the topic (aka. Off-topic), posts with excessive characters/punctuation/emoticon/CAP LOCKS, double/triple posting, duplicated threads, etc. are considered "spam". Please don't be a spammer, it isn't right to the community.

Here are some specific content that is disallowed and considered "spam" include:

  • Posts with excessive amount of (repeating the same) characters/words/punctuation/emoticons/CAP LOCKS, etc.
  • Off-topic - Irrelevant posts that doesn't relate to the topic itself.
  • Meaningless/Pointless Topic Threads
  • Re-posting a post or thread that has recently been closed or deleted, or asking why a post or thread was closed or deleted. These questions should be directed to the TXW1 Forum Staff via Private Message (PM's).
  • Double/Triple Posting - If you wish to add/modify content you have already posted, use the "edit" function.
  • Duplicated Threads - Posting a thread that is duplicate to a recent thread. Before posting a new thread, use the Search Function to see if a similar thread already exists.
  • Other ways based on your quality of your post is either stupid or whatnot that might be considered as a "spam".

Rule #2. No Flaming/Trolling
  • Regular/Minor Flaming: Receives 10 or 20 Infraction Points
  • Major/Serious Flaming: Receives 50 Infraction Points
  • Trolling: Permanent Ban or Receives 50 Infraction Points

Please be nice to your fellow members to the community. Flaming (insulting, heated arguing with) other members is not allowed. Any hatred/hurtful, insulting, offending, racist, discrimination, harassment, etc. comments based on race, religion, sexual orientation (sexism), culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, social status, or gender will not be tolerated. Physical threats against and repeated harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. If another user is flaming or harassing you, you should not retaliate instead, report it to the TXW1 Forum Staff via Private Message/PM.

For Trolling: Trolling is the use of offensive comments in order to draw attention or start an argument that intentionally instigating trouble or provoking other members through outrageous statements. These are generally considered more offensive and aggressive than flaming, and may also apply to larger groups of people (i.e. racism).

Rule #3. No Pornography/Sexual Explicit/or Nudity Materials
Punishment: Receives 30 or 50 Infraction Points

Do not post a material/content (aka. images, pictures, or videos) in your avatars, signatures, or posts that is pornography, and other sexually explicit material. Nudity of all forms is also strictly prohibited.

Rule #4. Illegal Material is prohibited [Excluding ROM Hacks]
Punishment: Receives 30 Infraction Points

Posts that violate or incite others to violate the law are not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) requesting, providing, or instructing how to find, create, or use illegal copies of copyrighted software, and related applications (this also goes for MP3, ISOs, ROMs, and Emulators).

Rule #5. No Advertising
  • For the active/existed Members: Receives 10 Infraction Points
  • Joining to advertise (Bots, etc.): Permanent Ban

The Forums doesn't allow any member to advertise your forums, any other relative/friends forums (expect the Affiliates), other sites, products, or anything else that is involves joining/registering from a link. The most important note is don't be an advertiser! If the new registered members are found to be joining the forum for the purpose of advertising will be definite Permanent Ban.

Notice: Advertising in signatures only is still okay. But, that goes for members being active in the forums, and being a good member.

Rule #6. No Alternate/Double or Impersonator Accounts
  • For the active/existed Members: Your 2nd account will be deleted, and the member receives 50 Infraction Points
  • Bypassing your Ban [even through if you're in Suspended/Temp. Ban mode]: I.P./or Permanent Ban

In TheXWaltkhrough1 Forums, you're only allowed to use one (1) Account only! If your password is forgotten or other problems, and decided to make another account. Please notify a TXW1 Forum Staff by a PM to know that you have this password issue. Sometimes, the TXW1 Forum Staff would ban you without warning. So, notifying a TXW1 Forum Staff will be reasonable. OR? Use the "I lost my password" option.
Click here to be redirected to "I lost my password form".

Otherwise.... Please, do not create a new account to get around a ban or other punishment (breaking the rules, name change, impersonating as a new/other user, etc.); these punishments will simply be extended or maybe a Permanent Ban. If you want to request a name change, please click here. OR? PMing to an Admin (TXW1, Pokey, Miyuki Frostleaf, or Evolution Master). So, they will change your username that you requested in no time flat.

Q: How do we know that you create another account or not?

Well the TXW1 Forum Staff used to check the user's I.P. Address to see if you're using another account or not. It isn't a personal secret or hidden related because this system defines it, if you're using another account or not.

Rule #7. No Mini-Modding
Punishment: Receives 10 Infraction Points

Q: The solution to avoid breaking this rule?

  • A. Use the report button.
  • B. Contact any TXW1 Forum Staff Member by/via. PM (Private Message).

Mini-Modding is when a member is behaving as though you have the authority of a TXW1 Forum Staff member. We ask that you do not try to correct other people's behavior (or stupid post, etc.), and let the TXW1 Forum Staff take care of that. If you feel someone is in violation of the rules, please do not state that they are doing so, but rather, let the TXW1 Forum Staff know via PM's only. Or? You can use the Report Button to report someone's post (with valid reasoning) that is against Forum Rules. We will keep your report private as possible.

Other/Additional Mini-Rule Information List

  • Arguing to TXW1 Forum Staff: For more details/information about aruging to TXW1 Forum Staff, please click here.
    Punishment: Receives 20 or 30 Infraction Points

  • Chatbox Ban: For breaking the Forum Rules in the chatbox, and already fought 3 warning kicks.
    For more information/details about Chatbox Bans: please click here.
    Punishment: Chatbox Banned for minimum of 15 Minutes, through the max of 1 day. Plus, the member receives 10 Infraction Points.

  • Posting Inappropriate Content/Material in Videos [Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.]
    Punishment: Refer to the punishment in Rule #3. [Receives 30 or 50 Infraction Points]

  • False Reporting: Members who report a post, but their reports were invalid, unclear, or misleading, etc. Or possibly, the member just report a post for no reason what so ever. You just clearly waste our Forum Staff's Moderation time.
    Punishment: Receives 10 Infraction Points

The Infraction Point System
Q: What if a member break a forum rule?

Answer: If you break one of the forum rules. You will receive a certain number of Infraction Points directly into your profile. The TXW1 Staff Member will also notify you by a PM to see why you received # of Infraction Points into your profile. Please (scroll up) check the Punishment section under any Rule # to see # of Infraction Points you can receive. None of this should be an issue if you obey the rules.

Q: When it expires?

Answer: These Infraction Points only expire for every 3 months by a certain month. Once it happens, the member current Infraction Points bar will be reset back to 0.

Unless, if you fought a Suspension/Temp. Forum Ban once or twice. Until the Infraction Point Expiration/Reset Date is effected. Your Current Infraction Points will only remove half (1/2, or 50%) in your Infraction Point Bar, aside to everyone else reset back to 0 Infraction Points. Likewise, I recommend you go over and read the Forum Rules once again and move on.

Infraction Points Expiration/Reset Dates: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your Infraction Points Bar has..........

60 Points: 2 day Suspension/Temporarily Forum Ban
100 Points: 2 week Suspension/Temporarily Forum Ban
120 Points: Permanent Ban

One more thing before I end it off........ HAVE FUN!~ Seriously, TXW1's forum isn't strict, boring, scary, or what else. Although, reading the entire rules are so LONG and boring to read. But for now, you have finally finished reading the entire Forum Rules! Now sit-back, relax, and enjoy a cup of Beer (or Coffee) as for your refreshments!~

One more Important Notice: The Forum Rules will MIGHT be updated (for Rule # Updates, Infraction System additional Rules, etc.), if necessary. So keep on checking this thread, if the rules were updated once again!~

Again, thank you for reading the entire rules, and have a nice day!~
~ Pokey/PokeZone
TXW1 Forum Head Administrator [Second-in-charge/chief of TXW1 Forums]



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