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The Battle X Arena Weapons List Empty The Battle X Arena Weapons List

Post by TheXWalkthrough1 on August 16th 2014, 6:31 am

Here's a list of the random weapons that we'll be using to kill each other!

1. Old shoe - A foot accessory that hasn't been used in 42 years. It smells.
2. Soccer ball - The kind of ball that everyone loves to kick! ...If you know what I mean.
3. Horse - Every knight's loyal steed! Its kicks are very deadly.
4. Combee - A Pokémon whose honey is said to attract Pokémon in great numbers.
5. Water bottle - Something that thirsty hoes badly need! It's pretty heavy when filled with water.
6. Chair - A fine flat surface that everyone sits on.
7. Time bomb - A deadly explosive that takes some time before it explodes.
8. Eggs - Without the shell, it's breakfast. With the shell, it's a rock.
9. Snapping turtle - A brutal turtle that shows no mercy when biting its opponents.
10. Steel pipe - A pipe from the sewers that has been used by thugs underground.
11. Brave Sword - A sword from the world of Fire Emblem that grants its user the power to attack twice in a row.
12. Violin - An instrument used to play sad songs...or terrible noises, depending on how much you suck.
13. Stun gun - Usually used for self defense. It sends out shock waves that can electrocute whoever it makes contact with.
14. Cellphone - A device used for contacting people. The question is, who is being contacted?
15. Fire Flower - An item from the Mushroom Kingdom that grants its consumer the power to throw fire balls.
16. Lemons - A fruit known for being sour. Don't put these all over your eyes.
17. Scissors - One of the tools that your mother forbade you from touching when you were a child. It's sharp enough to cut paper!
18. Haunted toilet paper - A roll of toilet paper that has been found in the bathroom of an abandoned mansion. It is said to either harm or possess its user.
19. Assassin's dagger - A tool used by assassins. It is used for slashing, stabbing, cutting, killing, and worst of all...bed making? Amateurs may find this weapon difficult to wield.
20. Mug of coffee - "Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself...that is coffee." - Godot.
21. Gun - Used for shooting people. Those who get shot by a gun usually die. Apparently, this gun causes a lot of recoil and can only hold one bullet at a time.
22. Bubble gum - It's chewy, it's sticky, it's tasty, and it's pink!
23. Golf club - A long stick used to hit balls into holes. Don't think of anything lewd, damn it.
24. A zombie's arm - It's the severed arm of a zombie from the apocalypse that never existed. It infects everything its fingers touch.
25. Star Rod - A rod that had been used by Kirby to stop evil.
26. Notebook - You use this to take down notes. It allows its reader to gain information and use it in battle.
27. Hammer - Carpenters use these to build things. When used on people, it hurts...a lot.
28. Bow and arrow - A weapon that was used to attack from a distance before guns existed.
29. Iron Boots - The Hero of Time, Link, had worn these to sink underwater. They're really heavy.
30. The Negative Die - A die filled with negative energy that. The number rolled decides the opponent's fate.

Here's a list of the special weapons that can only be used by a specific person!

X: Dark Clone Gun - A ray gun filled with dark energy that creates dark clones of whoever gets shot by this weapon. The dark clones do X's bidding and are very loyal. They're typically slow and carry axes.
Toadette: The Mysterious Pink Orb - A very beautiful Pink Orb held by the greatest Pink Overlord, Toadette. It has so many special effects to use against the opponent! Beware through, this orb might curse its user if it's not used properly.

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