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Post by VulpineKeyBlader on August 14th 2014, 2:59 am

When Summer Camp began, Daniel was hesitant to join. But, his mother said that it was "unhealthy" for a growing boy to be on the computer 24/7. The only reason Daniel liked this camp is that at the end of the year, the camp was going on a field trip to a place called the PokeForest. Daniel thought that it had to do with pokemon, his favorite video game series.

The person who decided the field trip was one of the counselers, whom everyone called Mr. Kody. He was odd, and everyone thought that he was hiding a secret from the kids. He always had a Blue and black ring on his left hand, middle finger. He would never take it off.

The day before the field trip, everybody but 4 kids and Mr. Kody were at a meeting. They were discussing whether the field trip to the PokeForest was a good and safe idea. "Look, I told you that it was a bad idea." Mrs. Carson said. "The only one that's ever been there is Mr. Kody."

"Relax, he decided what he wants to do." Mr Perez said. "If he wants to do it, he can do it."

"OK, fine. But promise that none of you-not even the staff-will come tomorrow." said Mrs. Carson "We do not know what Mr. Kody will do."

The next day, only 5 people were at the whole camp- Mr Kody, Daniel, and 3 of his friends, Mina, Adam, and Garrett. None of the 5 were here yesterday, when Mrs. Carson made the announcement not to come.

"Only 4 today? Well, that's perfect. They are scared of what I will do to them." Mr Kody whispered to himself. "OK campers, let's go."

"Do we need to bring anything?" Adam asked. "Nope, just bring yourselves." Mr Kody instructed.

It was a long drive over to the PokeForest- 200 miles. Once they had arrived, the 5 saw tons of Pokemon. "Wow......just exactly like I thought it would be." Daniel marveled at the beautiful forest.

"OK guys, for what we need to do, we need to go into the middle of the forest. Follow me." Mr. Kody said.

"Why are we here anyway? It seems unnatural that we go here." Mina said.

"We are here because this place has a special place in my heart. The middle is just up ahead." Mr. Kody said.

Once everyone got to the middle, Garrett asked. "Why does this place hold a special place in your heart?"

"It helped me assume my new form. I have a secret, and now is the perfect time to show you all." Mr. Kody said.

Mr. Kody motioned for the ring, and took it off. Once he took it off, he transformed into a Lucario. Everyone was utterly shocked. Mr Kody put the ring back on again, and turned back into human.

"What the hell....." everyone said at the same time.

"That was my other form. You see, 3 years ago, I was motioned here by a ransom note. A Mewtwo showed the exact same event to me. He gave me the ring, and he said that I could change back in forth between human and pokemon as much as I felt like it."

"Well, that's kinda cool." Adam said. "But, what does this have to do with us?"

"Ah, yes. It is time to assume your new forms." Mr Kody said.

Mr Kody gave Daniel a green ring, Mina a purple ring, Adam a blue ring, and Garrett a white/brown ring. A flash appeared out of all 4. Then, Mr Kody left and drove back home to the city.

Daniel, Mina, Adam, and Garrett shrunk to 1'08", 2'11", 2'07", and 3'07", respectively. Light Green began speading around Daniel body, purple around Mina's body, Blue around Adam's body, and white and brown around Garrett's. Garrett's arms turned into wings. Mina shifted onto all fours. Red spread across Daniel's stomache. Daniel and Adam's hands merged into 3 digets. Garrett's hair turned red and got longer. Mina's ears lengthened. A forest green tail appeared on Daniel, a purple tail on Mina, a black tail on Adam, and red/white tail feathers appeared on Garrett. Daniel and Adam's feet morphed into 3 digets. Mina's hands and feet were now nonexistant. Garrett's feet turned into talons. Garrett grew a beak. Daniel's head morphed into a more reptalian shape. A red jewel appeared on Mina's head. Daniel's nose grew much longer. 2 shells appeared near Adam's legs. All the transformations were completed. Everyone scrambled to get the rings back on. When the put the rings back on, they returned to their human form.

"What the heck just happened?" Mina asked.

"I think those were our new forms; Treecko, Espeon, Dewott, and Pidgeotto." Garrett said.

"Cool I guess." Adam said. "We definatly are not ready to return to the human life yet." Everyone agreed.

Everyone took their rings off, and were transformed back into the Pokemon of choice. They had a wonderful life afterwards.


Originally posted on DeviantART on May 29, 2013

OK! So this is a quick Pokémon TF I managed to make in 1 hour. Looking back on it, it was kinda rushed, but it is also my favorite so far.

Send me some feedback please.

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