Rules for the Rom Hacks section (Please Read!)

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Rules for the Rom Hacks section (Please Read!)

Post by Evolution Master on December 30th 2012, 10:52 pm

As requested by Admin PokeZone, here are some rules that should be followed within this section.

Being a Rom hacks and cheats section, this area is dedicated to only showing off your works and sharing ideas between your fellow members who share interest in this topic. However, you must remember that roms and such are still illegal in many parts of the worlds.

As such, we have the following guidelines set up within this section. Please take the time to read them.:

1) Do not post links to roms or illegal content.
- This section is only here for the showcasing of work of members through rom hacks (eg recolourations, text changes, and etc). This area; however, DOES NOT permit users to exchange, provide, or even request for links to roms or cheats. This is considered an offense in the forum, and if anyone is found to do so, they will be given a warning or even a ban, depending on how severe the situation is.

Any member of the TXW1 staff has the right to Infract at least 20 Points (illegal Material) if they detect the sharing of rom links.

2) Only show off the work you made.
You will be warned if you take compliments from another's work. This section must also contain works that are unique to yourself and not be too similar to the actual roms/cheats/etc that you based it off of.

Thank you and enjoy.
-The TXW1 Staff

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